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painting palette (pre-order)

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when purchasing a painting palette, you are pre-ordering a palette in one of the classic Myo Studio designs.
Your order will be ready in 5/6 weeks.

dimensions: l 20 cm x l 18 cm approx.

handmade and hand painted in Italy by myostudio, due to its nature each palette is going to be unique and may present small imperfections; dimensions and capacity are indicative.

designs available
floral designs: peach blossom, apricot blossom, cherry blossom, forget me not, pink & blue flowers, hibiscus, strawberry & flower, primavera, lavender, lovely flowers, butterfly & flowers, amore, speckled cherry

sky designs: cloud, rainy cloud, night sky, stars

gingham: taupe gingham, cherry gingham

checkered: pink checkered (with hearts), checkered

other: lemon

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